What it takes to be an online creative.

If you are online most probably you’ll be busy refreshing your social media feeds maybe Facebook or Instagram or twitter or Snap chat and most likely 9/10 times, your WhatsApp will be buzzing with juicy gossips, dramatic status updates, hilarious memes and defaming screenshots. We all do love us some entertaining internet sessions. But they … Continue reading What it takes to be an online creative.


Musicians in successful businesses.

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The one top favorite musician of most east Africans, Abdul Naseeb, popularly known by his stage name Diamond platinumz has decided to venture into business. Top of his brands includes a recording studio known as WCB wasafi records where he has signed other successful Tanzanian singers such as Harmonize, Rayvanny who just won a BET award of best international act, and the only female singer to be signed under WCB Queen Darlene.

In other of his latest business ventures include a body spray dubbed ‘CHIBU’ and a venture into the food industry with nuts dubbed ‘Diamond’ karanga.

With all these latest ventures, Diamond Platinumz is among the top promising successful young east Africans not only in music but business.

The singer who is also known for his act of giving back to the poor, in a recent interview with one of the local TV stations, he confessed about his…

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